Plan B ‘s moved

come back to re-read plan B? never fear, it’s not gone far. i downgraded my servers and so i’m in the process of re-organising plan B. i might put it back up as .cbz files, or i might keep it as a page-by-page as it was before. hopefully i’ll have it back up by the end of easter-time, bear with me!

update: i’ll have it archived on goonpatrol at some point soon, but meantime those who really really want to read it again can download the temporary CBZ file here: but obviously you’ll need a CBZ reader to read it. let me know if it doesn’t work.

when time permits i’ll have it archived here in the page-by-page format and hopefully as a nice cbz file to download with some back-matter and extras in it.

meantime have you gone over to check out my new comic:

3 Responses to “Plan B ‘s moved”

  1. CyberSkull says:

    Has Plan B been wiped or are you just re-installing it?

    • mitz says:

      just re-installing it! i moved servers and now i have issues again :D

      it’ll be back up over the weekend, i reckons

  2. Chuk says:

    If you’re asking, I vote for .cbz. I’m liking d20something so far too.