Plan B – the whole fucking master plan

So it turns out the first .cbz file i had wasn’t working properly due to how the files inside were named. if you read it on an ipad like what i did it turned out okay, but on windows it made them go a bit screwy. anyway, here’s the whole thing again, should work properly this time. For those of you who never read Plan B, it was a tale of love, revenge and supervillainy, and it has way more swearing and cartoony violence than one comic needs, so you’ve been warned.

This was the comic that got me a fair bit of attention on the internet, i have no idea why. It looked like a drunk person drew it and it was kind of stupid but i guess that worked so whatcha gonna do, eh? It was done on a page-by-page schedule over nearly three years, and you can see reading it all in one go just how much the art changes, which i guess is kind of cool. Anyway, enjoy it, and who knows, maybe there’s more from Plan B in the future…

(click the image for the download)
plan B 1

(also please tell me if it’s not working for any reason still)

8 Responses to “Plan B – the whole fucking master plan”

  1. Brian says:

    “i have no idea why” Really? The characters and story were absolutely killer.

  2. allan says:

    did you ever think of making this into a physical book? or did I miss it if you did?

    • mitz says:

      i did think of it, it’s not something i’ve ruled out as yet. if i did it’d probably be via a print on demand site like kablam or something. somewhere i could just upload the files and say here’s the link to go buy it. maybe one day soon i’ll get time to look into that and reformat the pages for print.

  3. CyberSkull says:

    I recall having to do some editing of it to get it right the first time, but yay new cover art!

  4. james says:

    Do you know any good programs I could download to read the file. I don’t seem to have any

    • mitz says:

      sorry it took a while to get around to this! you could try comical, it works fine for me. alternatively cbz files can be opened with any zip program like winzip or so and the images and be used and read as regular pictures. let me know if you need more help!

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